Spirit of Brazil ’15, “Vozes que Guiam”

ACSF will present Spirit of Brazil ’15 as part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival May 29-31 at the Cowell Theater at Fort Mason in San Francisco. The ACSF performance company will be joined by numerous master artists including percussionist and composer Boa Voz, plus capoeiristas Professora Gigi, and Professor Mobília of Brazil, as well as Professor Goma of Geneva, Professora Yara from Washington D.C., and Instrutores/as Sereia from Tucson, Cascavel from Montreal, and Côco from New York City.

This year’s theme is “Guiding Voices”, which explores capoeira’s music and movement throughout its over 500 years of history. Through a fusion of contemporary and traditional expressions of Capoeira and Maculelê, Spirit of Brazil ’15 will honor and explore the history and complexity of these art forms. The audience will witness dynamic acrobatic and athletic movement, steeped in tradition and history, and performed to heart-thumping rhythms.

“We’re honored that this year’s Spirit of Brazil is a part of The San Francisco International Arts Festival,” said Marcia Treidler, a.k.a. Mestra Cigarra, Artistic Director of ACSF. “This year we’re focusing on music as it is one of the aspects of the art form that makes it unique in comparison to other martial arts. Capoeira music is fundamentally important to the art.  Music can do everything from set the speed and tone of the game, to recount the history of the art form including the stories of the slaves who helped create capoeira, to foster pure expression of the joy of movement. Without music, there is no capoeira.”

In conjunction with the Spirit of Brazil performance, ACSF will produce a series of community-based events including master classes with the guest artists, the ACSF Youth Batizado, and the SF Carnaval Parade. So mark your calendars. May is going to be awesome!